2018-2019 Tuition & Fee Schedule


Tuition and Fees


Grammar Grades            (K-12)

Annual Tuition


$3,200 $4,500
Semester Tuition

(Sept and Jan)


(plus $50 finance & processing fee per semester)

$2250 per semester

(plus $50 finance & processing fee per semester.)

9 Month Tuition

payment plan


$360 – 5 day week enrollment

$225 – 3 day week enrollment

$170 – 2 day week enrollment

(plus a $15 finance & processing fee per payment)


(plus a $15 finance & processing fee per payment)


Registration Fee  (first time students only) $35 $35
Curriculum Fee         (due August 1st) $75 $175
Lunch & Snacks Included in Tuition Included in Tuition
Violin Rental                         (if available) $40 per semester


*Automatic Withdraw is the required payment method for all monthly tuition payment plans.  Tuition paid in full annually or in full by semester may be paid by check or cash.

*Legacy Academy is a state licensed daycare for the Pre-Kindergarten Program and participates in the daycare voucher program. The program is based on income eligibility guidelines. Inquire at the office for more information on assistance through this program.

*Legacy Academy has a scholarship program for grammar level grades Kindergarten-9th. The scholarship is based on multiple factors and can range in increments from 25-90% in assistance.

*Multiple children families are eligible for scholarships on enrollment for multiple students.