Legacy Academic Calendar         

 (Note: Tuition will be drafted on the 3rd of every month)


August                                                    January

31st Parent Meeting                                   5th Report Cards

                                                                                                   15th Martin Luther King Jr. Day

September                                               February                     

             5 th First Day of School                              16th-19th Winter Break

October                                                   March

  13th-16th Fall Break                                   2nd End of Quarter

20th End of Quarter                                   9th Report Cards

  26th Student Showcase                             15th Spring Follies

         27th Report Cards                                      19th-23rd Spring Break

                                                                       30th Good Friday

November                                                April

                            17th Thanksgiving Meal                            TBA- Tenth Anniversary Banquet

                                                         20th-24th Thanksgiving Break

December                                                May

7th Christmas Program                               15th-17th Testing

                15th End of Quarter                                     17th End of Year Program

     15th Christmas Card Service Project        18th End of Quarter

                                                         18th– January 1st Christmas Break           18th Last Day of School/ End of Year

                                                                                                                                          Celebration Day