Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Legacy Academy. It is a challenging time to raise children in a culture that is rapidly changing and creating many new challenges for our children to face. Yet we know that with the proper effort and God’s help our children can be properly prepared to face anything that may come their way. The key is to properly prepare them, in the right environment. The decisions we make today significantly impact their tomorrows. Your decisions as a parent will determine much about the opportunities your child receives, his view of the world, her view of herself, as well as the values and character that will navigate your child for a lifetime.

We understand that your child is your greatest asset. It is our goal to help you raise well-developed adults. In many instances children are no longer in the daily learning environment that is needed for them to reach their full potential, develop a proper context for living, and discover the importance of their own spiritual journey. At Legacy Academy we offer our efforts and strength to partner with you on behalf of your child.

We purpose to establish a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment that provides your child appropriate encouragement and challenge. Academically your child is exposed to rigorous curriculum, foreign language at every grade level, and a commitment to making learning fun!

Focusing on the whole child, we are also committed to helping you build strong character and moral excellence in your student. Doing right matters, and we want to work with you to build students in a safe environment to sure a good life.

As you consider the course of action for educating your child please feel free to contact us with any question that may arise. We hope you will envision a place for your child at Legacy Academy. In addition, our scholarship program for students in grades K and up ensures that the program can be made affordable for everyone.