Legacy Academy Professional Day

Recently, Edward Jones Financial Adviser, Doug Akin, met with Legacy Academy upper-level students as a part of the school’s “Professional Days” program. He discussed the different financial securities he manages on a daily basis and the work of a financial advisor.

As a financial adviser, Mr. Akin’s customers discuss their needs with him and then he will offer his best solutions to achieve their financial goals. Diversification is a critical aspect of investing that he likes to emphasis with his clients, but as Mr. Akin mentioned, “Diversification does not protect you from disappointments, but it does protect you from disasters.”

Legacy Academy regularly connects their upper-level students with different business owners and professionals in our community to broaden their understanding of various professions and help students consider various professions for future service.

Legacy Academy is now registering for the Spring semester and currently serves students in Pre-K through 9th grades. For more information call 870.642.8937.